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A Refund for someone doing it tough as promised by Pete's Mum

Dear Hope Listener,

You will have landed here because you heard the offer from Pete’s Mum. It really is a struggle for many at the moment including us.

“We want to keep our business going but we also want to help others. So… if you make a purchase from 1800 SHUTTERS we’ll refund 10% as a care package to someone you nominate who’s doing it tough.”

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Terms & Conditions:

* the 10% will be paid by 1800SHUTTERS company cheque to the Nominated Individual which will be mailed or hand delivered once the deposit has been placed and received into the 1800SHUTTERS bank account.
* the purchaser will need to supply the correct details of the individual, including Name, Address, Phone Number.
* In the event of a cancellation if the refund has been handed to the nominated individual this portion of the deposit will not be refundable.
* This offer is not available on current or past orders.
* This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer, deal or special (current or previous).

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