PVC Shutters

PVC Plantation Shutters

PVC shutters are usually given a brand name or called “Polly”-something. These shutters are easy to care for and are better suited to those wet or humid areas although they can be fitted to all areas of your home.

We tend to recommend them into the wet areas of a house or for those who live with their windows open year round. PVC is a synthetic material so these shutters are completely resistant to the effects of moisture however the downside to PVC is the weight. PVC weighs 1.6 times that of our Basswood shutters and whilst they do have an aluminium core due to their weight they do not have the ability to span as greater widths as the timber shutters.

Our PVC is finished with the same paint finish as our timber shutters. New to the range is the Flat Stile version that lets you match the basswood flat stiles. Should you like the beaded colonial stile, then that is also still available.

PVC Plantation Shutters are all painted with a UV stabilising paint which aids in protecting our shutters from direct sunlight. PVC Shutters come in 14 modern painted colours and you are able to have them painted in a custom colour if the need calls for it. The paint system is environmentally friendly giving you peace of mind.

PVC Plantation Shutters in the Sofa
PVC Plantation Shutters in the Bathroom
PVC Plantation Shutters in the Sala

PVC Shutters come in 14 modern paint colours. Regardless of the colour, we use UV resistant and environmentally friendly based paint. This gives you peace of mind.

Colour Options:

  • Beaded or Flat Stiles
  • Beaded, Flat or Décor frames
  • Elliptical aluminium core blades: 63, 89, 114mm
  • Standard paint colours & special colours available
  • Mono or Dual directional closure

PVC can be controlled using a hidden tilt rod offering split control options, hence offering greater flexibility with your privacy, ventilation and light control.

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