Basswood Shutters

Basswood Plantation Shutters

Basswood Plantation Shutters are all painted with a UV stabilising paint which aids in protecting our shutters from direct sunlight. Basswood Shutters come in 14 modern painted colours and 15 stained colours and you are able to have them painted in a custom colour if the need calls for it. The paint system is environmentally friendly giving you peace of mind.

The UV stabiliser helps form protection against dirt and dust, making our interior shutters easy to clean offering a great solution for those with allergies.

Basswood is ideal for producing shutters as it is amongst the straightest of hardwoods and exhibits the properties of strength and fairly lightweight.

With frame choices from a standard range, Décor range, architrave replacement and a full custom range there is a frame to suit every situation.

Basswood Shutters inside the house
basswood shutter in a bedroom
basswood shutters with many chairs and a small table

Options and Features

  • Beaded Stile or Flat Stile
  • Beaded Frame, Flat or Décor Frame options
  • Plain or decorative Frames
  • Elliptical blades: 47, 63, 76, 89, 114mm
  • Standard paint colours, stained colours as well as a custom paint service
  • Either mono or dual directional closure
  • Non Standard Shapes

Normally our Basswood Shutters are controlled via Hidden Tilt Rods.  Also available is the Invisible System (enclosed within the stile of the shutter as well as Centre or Offset tilt rods. Should you choose our “Hidden Tilt Rod or Invisible System” we are able to offer split control options, which allow greater flexibility with your privacy, ventilation and light control.

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