Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings
Folding Arm Awnings

These awnings are projected forward and retracted by way of folding arms located at the outer edges. These are popular awnings as they are free of frames and posts, meaning you can move around freely under its shade. This makes folding arm awnings ideal not only for shading windows and doors, but for outdoor entertainment spaces such as patios and pool areas. These awnings are also a popular choice for businesses such as cafes.

Folding Arm awnings come in 3 basic forms

  • Full Cassette
  • Semi Cassette
  • Open Style

The Full cassette design completely encloses and protects the awning fabric and operating components within a full length extruded aluminium cassette or body. This typically high strength aluminium body provides a stylish, tidy and compact appearance to the awning range while extending the lifespan of the awning fabric and all moving parts. Our comprehensive range of full cassette folding arm awnings are available with an impressive list of features, colours and options.

The Semi Cassette Awning is similar to a Full Cassette however they are only partially enclosed. The semi-cassette awnings, cover and roller are protected by a partial cassette leaving the awnings open at the bottom. We have an extensive range of semi cassette folding arm awnings as well with a number of features and color options are available.

The open style awning is, as its name suggests – open, it does not have a cassette or body to enclose it at all. Our range of open style awnings is readily complemented by a hood if the need arises. An open style awning does not always need a hood and can be tucked under an eve to shield it from the elements. Our open style folding arm awnings range includes an expansive catalogue of features, colours and options.


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