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EnviroSmart Plantation Shutters

Designed to be indistinguishable to the eye when compared to timber shutters our EnviroSmart polymer shutters combine the elegance and quality decerning customers demand from Plantation Shutters. Formulated from superior polymer with an aluminium core these shutters are easy to care for and well suited to all areas of your home boasting properties of a silk smooth finish and moisture resilience even in the most humid conditions these shutters will maintain shape and finish.

EnviroSmart Plantation Shutters and finished in the same paint finish as our timber shutters. With both a Beaded Stile and Flat Stile options the latest addition is the smaller 40mm stile which maximises “blade width” with narrower stiles. With a wide range of frame and design options these wonderfully functional and stylish shutters offer wonderful insulation properties.

EnviroSmart Plantation Shutters are all painted with a non-toxic water based UV stabilised paint which aids in protecting our shutters from direct sunlight. They are easy to operate, clean and maintain and come in 14 modern painted colours and when necessity calls you are able to have them painted in a custom colour from the Dulux Specifier fan deck. The paint system is environmentally friendly giving you peace of mind.

PVC Plantation Shutters in the Sofa
PVC Plantation Shutters in the Bathroom
PVC Plantation Shutters in the Sala

EnviroSmart Plantation Shutters come in 14 modern paint colours. Regardless of the colour, we use UV resistant and environmentally friendly based paint. This gives you peace of mind.

Colour Options:

  • Beaded or Flat Stiles
  • Beaded, Flat or Décor frames
  • Elliptical aluminium core blades: 63, 89, 114mm
  • Standard paint colours & special colours available
  • Dual directional closure

EnviroSmart Plantation Shutters can be controlled using a hidden tilt rod or a concealed control mechanism offering split control options, hence offering greater flexibility with your privacy, ventilation and light control.

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